Why Kim and Andrew wanted to teach our children the things we take for granted and want to build a lifelong legacy for our family and generations to come.

A 2019 East African Safari was full of many surprises to say the least in fact our holiday turned out to be a hope mission of discovery the highlight being introduced to our new  surrogate Kenyan Family member David Odhlambo. (also known as Toi) and his amazing family. With charity and philanthropy fusing a common bond between Andrew and Kim continually donating their time and money to help those in need via various charities…. it is at the Fig Tree Resort in the Masai Mara where a serendipitous meeting with their an interesting adventurous Hot air balloon pilot. Canadian born David Kinsella. Introduced them to Toi.

Working at the resort in maintenance for a total of 11 months a year and paid approximately  $150.00 US per month. With 3 children under 10 aat the time and wife Helena only seeing Toi 4 weeks of the year. In order for them to merely survive on the bare essentials and squatting on borrowed land. They realized it was here that because of the remarkable trust we felt with David Kinsella and Toi.

We had our opportunity NOW to do something really important to us that we had contemplated for years our objective to aid only in  “breaking  the poverty cycle” and directly facilitating and controlling funds direct to the Kenyan family. Fast forward today we have in partnership purchased a family farm, Toi and Helena have started a business, created and implemented infrastructure on the farm, aided with education for the children. Mainly fostered with a Diary cow Program at present known as “Family Kenya” that together with the guidance of David Kinsella we now collaborate the Family Kenyan Farm. Cows now can be produce Milk and be sold replacing Tois need to be earning little money just for survival away from his family. Now selling Milk at the local village market near Baytown, Kenya. Fresh Diary Milk being a luxury  important staple in the Kenyan diet.

12 months on Our partnership continues to strengthen with the cows now reproducing and chickens to be added for creating further income. Remarkably  our collaboration is being noticed we are  seeing further interest from local government departments . We continue to aid in Family Kenya’s infrastructure and our mission has been successful and rewarding on a personal level that we both find sometimes difficult to put in words.

Toi and Helena have just given birth to their 4th child “Kim Andrew” and it is now we feel very rewarded that this family will develop the farm further and have the capacity to educate the entire future family ensuring a legacy for the Odhiambo family and Kenya for generations to come. We now look for our second family to repeat our Family Kenya Charity and break another Poverty cycle and empower African Village Communities for many years to come.