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A Realtor With:
• 18+ Years of Real Estate Experience
• An Extensive Market Knowledge from Casey Cranbourne to Bentleigh 
• A deep-seeded devotion to family
• A Veteran Entrepreneur’s Experience

Hi there.
My name’s Andrew Cassimaty. Listed above are facts, but I find facts listed like that a touch too impersonal. As a Real Estate Agent (based in Cranbourne , Victoria,) I believe strongly that it’s the people who matter, not just the property. I’ve become a collector of stories, and those stories (from people just like you,) make the difference between buying or selling a piece of property, and buying or selling a home. Families don’t live in “properties,” after all; they live in “homes”. 

With the exception of a five year period, during which I worked in Glen Eira; my time as a Real Estate Agent has focused on the homes and families in and around Casey.  From Beaconsfield to Lyndhurst, Hampton Park to Devon Meddows;I know this area, as only a native son really can. I’ve spent more than 18 years in Real Estate; I understand the ins and outs of risk reduction, and  have had broad exposure to what should be the best practices in the industry.  

As I said; I’ve become a collector of stories. I’ve been priviledged to help write the next chapter of those stories for a good many individuals and families just like you and yours. When you’re ready; I’ll be pleased to help you write the next chapter of your own story.
The youngest of three brothers; I was born and raised in the Melbourne Suburb of Dandenong South, and spent the vast majority of my life in and around the area. My parents were  first and second generation Greek immigrants. They both held down jobs and worked hard – a quality that took root in my brothers and I.  Growing up; we never had a lot, but we always had enough.

  My father passed when I was thirteen – a fact which helped to light a fire in my belly: to earn my own way. By fourteen; I was finding ways to earn money with local shops, working as often as school and other responsibilities allowed. I followed my parents’ example, and saw the value of hard work, and the satisfaction of setting goals, and, eventually, achieving them.

From the early 80s on; I’ve done my best to remain a regular and dedicated member of a gym, even competing as a body builder, briefly, in my very late teens. Like most folks in Dandenong; I took work at a factory through my 20s – H. J. Heinz, to be specific. I met the future mother of my children, and, a few short years later,  took an enormous leap. We begged and borrowed, scrimped and saved to purchase a local fast food restaurant – BBQ Bangers.  With all the headstrong pride and manic energy of youth; we expanded aggressively, and managed to stave off the influx of stiff competition in the form of the world-renown fast-food giants. Growing from a single storefront to fully five locations was a heady thing, but after thirteen years, it was time to get out of the risk and debt which come with running your own business, which is exactly what we did. As exciting as it was to hold our future in largely our own hands, a young family with two small children eventually made the risks too dangerous to continue. It was a difficult decision, to be sure. Life’s
funny like that. It throws obstacles and challenges your way, and says, “Alright – now what’ll you do?”  I chose to see it as an opportunity: to redefine who I was, and what I could be – to reinvent myself. 

I’d had dealings with various Real Estate Agents throughout the course of running our business. Those encounters made me realized something: that I could do that job, enjoy and take pride in it, and out-perform those I’d met thus far. After knocking on door after door; I finally struck gold in the form of an interview with the then-Principal of Grants Real Estate in Dandenong.  Through my parent’s example of good, old-fashioned hard work; I rapidly distinguished myself as one of the top performers in the office.  After that; I moved to Inner Melbourne where I took a position as a Senior Sales Consultant at a Boutique firm: Simpson Real Estate Agency in Bentleigh.  For nearly 6 years the commute from Beaconsfield took its toll on my family, which in turn took its toll on me. No matter how successful I was, the cost was simply too high to continue to pay. Never one to simply give in; I met with the Principal of Grants Real Estate, again, and struck an agreement to head up a new office back in Dandenong. I was going home.

A scant few years later, and I’d opened my own office in Cranbourne, and I’ve never looked back.


People buy and sell homes for a number of reasons. Those reasons can range from the fantastic to the frightening. I’ve helped people who simply need a bigger home with a shorter commute, to those who just need the right home to raise a family in. I’ve come into contact with people who need to lower their expenses, and find a house note too heavy to carry, those who just need a smaller space due to some change in their family situation, and those who need a larger one for similar reasons. Every story is different. There’s no “one solution” that works for everyone, because no two people are exactly the same. The process of buying or selling a home can be overwhelming, given the fact that in most cases it’s the single largest purchase you may ever personally make. 

The act of buying or selling a home can also be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you'll ever do.  That moment when you walk into  or out of the pages of that new chapter of your life is one you’ll never forget. With the right team on your side – the right person in your corner; you can keep your risks at a minimum, your rewards at a maximum, and the entire experience full of fond memories. You can do it, and I’d be pleased to help you.

What is it you’re looking for? What is it that you need? What is it that drives you? Once you’ve figured that out; the rest is just finding the right people to help you begin writing that next chapter. 

I’ve got a pen right here…

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